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Sustainable Living Lifestyle Design

Sustainable Living Lifestyle

It’s time to jam the wheel of the mindless consumption and turn soul-crushing current living lifestyle choices into a modern sustainable life for our children’s children and beyond. The sustainable living lifestyle is from design and by choice. Too many people attempt to feel self-worth, freedom, and happiness in pursuit of financial wealth. The elusive pursuit of a ‘rich life’ is crushing the planet in unimaginable ways. Imagine a life where you thrive in good health, have the time to do what you love and contribute to a better world. Sustainable Lifestyle Design reveals a step-by-step plan you can use today to save money, lower your carbon footprint, reclaim your health and live a truly richer lifestyle. It feels good to help the planet and as you’ll come to discover, it feels incredible to take back control of your own life.

The sustainable lifestyle design is a living, breathing example of how leading a sustainable living, by a lifestyle design has helped to create the life many always dreamed of. For a long time people have struggled with feeling depressed and disconnected because and had no idea where they fitted into the world. Like like a leaf being blown about in the wind. Meaningless work and broken dreams leave some feeling defeated. Soon though, many do something that would not only bring richness to their own life, but to have a positive impact on this planet as well. Step by step people have started to implement the principles in this ebook. That’s when the shift happens. Over the next years, bring together everything you’ve learned in the realm of sustainable and intentional living, and putting these things into practice. What people are gaining in life is far beyond their expectations. Not only are these lifestyle habits saving people money, but have also started to experience a deep-seeded sense of richness in life that had long been missing.

This is what “Sustainable Lifestyle Design” is all about.

Sustainable living Lifestyle Design


The guide for how to live a sustainable lifestyle – through simplifying, taking a personal inventory and committing to living a sustainable life. Find peace with what and how you eat so you don’t feel the guilt every time you pick up that fork. Shake your self-destructive habits that leave you drained of energy and feeling miserable facing each day. Connect the dots between how you can help the world by helping yourself first. Walk away with a positive attitude and direction for how you can by the catalyst of change and create the world that you want to live in. Start making positive changes in your lifestyle from day one that will allow you to save money and reduce your personal impact on the planet. Lead an authentically rich life that is full of purpose. Be part of the revolution that starts with YOU!

If you feel that there is more to life than simply clocking in the hours at work and finding ways to mindlessly pass the hours of each day, then this is for you. If you are sick and fed up watching the earth wither away, taking your soul along with it, then this book is for you. If you feel displaced and unsure where you fit in to the bigger picture, then this book is also for you.

Through the choices you make each and everyday and by rewiring how you think, you can impact the course of mankind and influence the change in the world that you so desperately want to see. You will come to discover that this very practice of helping and healing the planet, will lead you on the path of self-healing. You will be taught how to live from a sustainable living lifestyle design through simplifying, taking a personal inventory and committing to living a sustainable life, and you will finish reading this book understanding your why.

You can get a copy of the ebook Here.

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