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Tactical Shovel Multi Tool For Survivalists

Tactical Shovel Multi Tool

Ensure you are equipped to handle any situation that you may encounter in the wild by having this outdoor tactical shovel multi-tool, which features a perfectly weighted 440 stainless steel shovel head that makes digging in soft or hard ground a breeze for any survivalist. You can flip the head 90 degrees and you can also turn it into gardening hoe to clear or level land and dig trenches. This multi tool is very sharp, with a durable axe for chopping firewood or for clearing fallen trees with it’s razor sharp stainless steel blade that can be used to shave wood for tinder and then striking the ferro rod that sparks at 3000 degrees for a blazing fire within minutes under any conditions. The solid carbon fiber steel construction of this multi tool includes eight useful tools such as a hammer, a pick axe, and even a saw.

The Ultimate Tactical Shovel For Survivalists

There are many features to the multi tool for any survivalist, and it’s the ultimate survival tool that could be used in as many situations. From self-defense to digging trenches, the tactical shovel has proven itself time and time again as one of the most usable survival tools available on the market. Some of the other features include, a double edge saw blade for cutting timber, plastics, and other materials. There is a flat head and Phillips head screwdriver for household maintenance or emergency repairs when you’re out traveling, with a built in ruler for measuring, 2 Hex sockets to tighten or loosen stubborn nuts or bolts and even a bottle opener if you happen to have a cold one with you while camping out.

A Multi Tool With Features For Survival

The multi tool also has a compass to keep you on track heading in the right direction, with a 120db emergency screamer whistle which allows you to call for help using little energy for when things get tough. Included for free is a durable 1000D padded carry case. All these features are packed into one clever tactical tool that can be easily accessed from a hiking or bug out bag bag, under a car seat or caravan and you can persevere against the great outdoors by taking this tactical shovel with you for your survival. To learn more about this tactical shovel, head through This Link or click on the banner below.

Konnex ET15 Tactical Shovel


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