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Build The Home Aquaponics System

Aquaponics Orignated

Becoming more popular everyday, the home Aquaponics system which uses the same farming techniques as both the ancient Aztecs and the people of East Asia. This farming technique is generally believed to have originated in the early Asian and South American civilizations. The Aztecs would create islands on lakes and in canals on which cultivated food plants, using the nutrients derived from the mud and waste materials. The ancient Chinese integrated aquaculture into their farming by raising fish in the rice paddies, and on into the 20th century…
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Finding True Calling In You

Finding True Calling

People are finding themselves, finding true calling, and one reason for this is by way of the Power Quadrant System which is an ancient calendar and DNA decoder. This giant round stone covered in hieroglyphs from the South American jungle. The discovery of the secret to the code hidden inside this calendar in a rather mysterious one and the stone itself was discovered in the 1600’s by Spanish Conquistadors. It’s pretty well known now, you can Google and read about it online if you know exactly where to…
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