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Build The Home Aquaponics System

Aquaponics Orignated

Becoming more popular everyday, the home Aquaponics system which uses the same farming techniques as both the ancient Aztecs and the people of East Asia. This farming technique is generally believed to have originated in the early Asian and South American civilizations. The Aztecs would create islands on lakes and in canals on which cultivated food plants, using the nutrients derived from the mud and waste materials. The ancient Chinese integrated aquaculture into their farming by raising fish in the rice paddies, and on into the 20th century…
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Home Built Solar And Wind Power System

home built solar panel

The Home Built Solar Panel And Wind Turbine You don’t need a degree in engineering for the home built solar and wind power systems, nor do you need specialized and expensive equipment, or even a big initial investment. Just the determination to and a small but manageable investment along with the systems manual. The winning designs were ultimately put to the test…by High School students! That’s right, high school students with no help from their teachers were able to use the instructions to create their very own solar…
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Sustainable Living Lifestyle Design

Sustainable Living Lifestyle

It’s time to jam the wheel of the mindless consumption and turn soul-crushing current living lifestyle choices into a modern sustainable life for our children’s children and beyond. The sustainable living lifestyle is from design and by choice. Too many people attempt to feel self-worth, freedom, and happiness in pursuit of financial wealth. The elusive pursuit of a ‘rich life’ is crushing the planet in unimaginable ways. Imagine a life where you thrive in good health, have the time to do what you love and contribute to a…
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